Walk in the contemporary art in the Gallery OFFICE

    This case is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park East Lake CBD harmony times square. The entire building 1-9 floor respectively for investment, financial, trading company, SO-HO as the main investment main object.
    The office building is independent barrel structure typical (around public areas around the elevator well, public escape stairs). The designer tries to break through the traditional design mode, use of contemporary art practices to achieve the ultimate in public areas, invited contemporary artists in separate barrel walkways above painting, showing a in the office and I, can walk in the contemporary art space Gallery, enjoy the fun of the office. In a time of indoor space, add artistic atmosphere and unlimited reverie.
    Planning floor area, partition block for each the purser's office with a large desk, the small sofa, the global video conference, multi touch screen, digital panel and other modern office facilities. Exclusive multi-functional hall into the Ocean Concept in the design, flexible to create an exclusive group of Party Conference Center, for the huge Guangyun group business needs.
    In modern office buildings in this land, the designer avoid objective common strong specimens, made a bold breakthrough, Shaanna marble, Canadian Maple materials such as soft bright all interpretation of silence and calm of the home, with a giant wave format, including "ride the wind and cleave the waves" of Italy, warm without loss serious, tender and not demit bold.     The employees in the company are nervous, feel the humanistic care cordial to the intense commercial atmosphere. Shaanna marble and maple and modern office furniture, give a person with warm feeling, lets between the person and person's privacy no longer opposed, complete business behavior in the soft environment.

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