The Scale Art Design Corporation were founded in 2002, over ten years of design courses has brilliantly completed various design works, became design firm that regardless and other in the public spaces or the private spaces established a new school in the building, hotel, club, the office, villa, apartment. Have experienced outstanding international designer team, their each has its strong points, the absolute sincerity cooperation, integrates the fashionable health in each design case the design concept, while highlighting each some design individuality makes it highly unified, and conforms in the use market a brand furniture, lamps and lanterns and Bu Yi, rug, accessory and other manufacturing manufacturer of most new products, provides perfectly and highest-quality, the performance-to-price ratio highest service for the owner. From constructing to the indoor, from project to the furniture and from the window blind to the furnishing, each detail manifests the earnest rigorous work of ten surrounding area people all, customizes the exclusive product for each owner, hopes that the general people of high ideals, join to our ranks, in the torrential design industry, will brave all hardships, welcomes our tomorrow! Ideal, responsibility, a heart. Ten surrounding areas, create the century-old brand culture, steadfast, constant.
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